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Excited to be on Linda’s Blog


Interview with Sweet Romance Author Teresa Ives Lilly

Teresa Lilly has authored nine Christian Romance Novellas. She also has written several children’s chapter books and has authored over 250 unit studies for home school and public schools. She lives in Texas and loves her three children, grandson and husband.

This is the first time I’ve heard of Shamrock, Texas. I was intrigued with the celebrations they have every St. Patrick’s Day. This is an adorable 35 page short story about a young woman who finally realizes that her small town is really a special place to live. As Carol shows Pete around Shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day, she notices things she never really paid attention to before such as the beautiful sunset. Before she knows what is happening, Carol finds herself falling in love for the first time in her life. This is a sweet love story and it was fun to read.” –Review by Linda Weaver Clarke, Author of Sweet Romances

Hello, Teresa. This novel is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day month. Here is the synopsis for Lucky In Shamrock Texas.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s day….you may relax and read this wonderful story about Carol, a waitress at the U-Drop Inn, in the historic town of Shamrock Texas on Route 66. All Carol wants is to get out of this town and away from the crazy yearly St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. But when good-looking city boy Pete comes to town, yearning to experience a true small town festival, Carol is only too happy to partner up with him. But as she sees her hometown again, through Pete’s gorgeous blue eyes, she realizes that God has placed her in a very special place. Now if only Pete will stay.

Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

I actually read about a contest for stories that take place on Route 66 and I looked up the Route and found the name of the town of Shamrock. The contest never got off the ground, but I had the completed novella, so I had it published.

So the name of the town was your inspiration. I love it. What kind of research did you have to do for this novel?

I had to read about Shamrock and their events on the Internet. I discussed the type of cars men would have liked to drive back then with my husband who restores classic cars for a living. If I lived closer, I would have made the trip to the town.

Thanks. I love hearing about an author’s research for a book. Who is one of your favorite characters in this story and what do you love about him or her?

I like Pete. He has a great attitude and interest in the small town life and helps Carol to see the great life she really has.

Now it’s time to tell us something about the real you that we’ll never forget.

I only do my writing between 9:00 pm and midnight every night and I mainly write novellas….short and sweet and clean. Just right for women and teens…

Awesome! You’re the second author I’ve met that writes way into the night, something I don’t do ‘cause I’m too tired to think. Haha. My daughter is an author of fantasy/romance and she writes at night, too. I guess some people think better at night. Thanks for this great interview and I hope my followers will check out your novellas.


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