Reviews Christmas Village Miracle

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on April 8, 2015
The Village of Peace is a miniature Christmas scene that Jane admires as she walks by the little antique shop. The storekeeper won’t sell it to her, but tells her that miracles can happen, through prayer.
As she leaves, she bumps into Ron. Ron is determined to meet Jane again. Jane and Ron share the same bus and she loses her purse, Ron sets out to return it.
This is a change from the usual Christmas story’s, it’s a bit different, but it highlights the power of prayer.
We all know that Christmas is about Christ, but He came to give us faith and this story sets a presence for that faith through prayer. I enjoyed this book, it was a good change from the usual Christmas story and still reminds us that miracles do happen.

on December 27, 2015
Yet another very sweet story. This author really has a gift for short stories. I wish she would publish a book with a collection of many of her short stories. Each a unique and lovely. It’s wonderful to read a book that you know is going to be clean.

on November 26, 2012
Looking for a romantic, magical read, just in time for Christmas. These stories are sweet and relaxing for an enjoyable evening read. The topic was surprising in a fun way. The characters find themselves taken out of the hardships of life and into a Christmas village: one of hope, one of peace, and one of joy!
The Christmas Village of Joy by Stephanie Guerrero especially deals with how God turns sorrow into joy.

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