Spectacles of Love

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Charlene Trumbel is a 29 year old spinster from a wealthy New York family.

She wants to travel on the Orphan Train to gather information to write an article

to persuade wealthy families to support the Orphan Train. Her only problem is

she can’t see very well.

On the train, she meets Bronson, who is interested in learning more about the

Orphan Train Process. However, he can’t understand why Charlene doesn’t wear

spectacles to help her see.

When he forces her to get spectacles, will she see true love?


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Can’t Help Falling In Love


When Desiree decides to move home, to Fredericksburg, Texas and open an art studio, she finds herself strangely satisfied helping save the lovely Blue Bonnet Inn from closing. She also finds herself attracted to the handsome new owner and part time Elvis impersonator.

When Holt is left his Gran’s Blue Bonnet Inn bed and breakfast, he fears he must close it down, until he meets Desiree, who offers to help save the failing business. Working together, Holt soon finds himself attracted to the blue bonnet artist… and can’t keep himself from singing the famous Elvis song, ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love…’

Cocoa Courtship

teresa-cocoa-courtship   Tricia has been living in the town of Harbor Inn, Maine for less than a year, ever since she discovered her boyfriend was seeing another woman, but she has given up on dating anyone. That is, until Gathe Denver, moves back to town and says that he wants to court her. Is courting any different than dating? Can she trust this man with her heart? As Tricia and Gathe participate in all twelve Christmas Cocoa traditions and events around town, will she be able to trust Gathe and find true and lasting love?

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Orphan Train Bride Collection

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It was a unique time in history, when orphan and street children from the inner cities were placed on trains and sent west to live with families.
In these fictional stories, you will read about ladies who rode along on the orphan trains and found love.

Stories included are:

Orphan Train Bride by Teresa Ives Lilly
Orphan Train Belle by Teresa Ives Lilly
Orphan Train Bride for Christmas by Teresa Ives Lilly
Orphan Train Bride; Healing Scars by Linda Baten Johnson

Children’s Chapter Books:

Orphan Train Riders: Danny’s New Life
by Teresa Ives Lilly
Orphan Train Riders: Kathleen’s Vision
by Linda Baten Johnson

Sheriff Bride Collection

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5 in 1 This Sheriff Bride Series includes Sheriff Bride Sam’s Story, Sheriff Bride Jo’s Story, Sheriff Bride Dan’s Story, Sheriff Bride Rob’s Story and Sheriff Bride Christmas The Inside Man.

Sam’s Story
When four sisters show up in town to fill the position of Sheriff, Mark isn’t sure what to do. This town is no place for women, especially a green eyed beauty like Sam. When the town learns that these four woman can outshoot any man around Mark is forced to accept the girls as sheriff, but when one of them is kidnapped and being forced into marriage, will the other girls be able to save her and prove once and for all that they can do the job. Mark and Sam break down the wall of stubbornness, and realize that love has found them?

Jo’s Story
A young woman tries to find love in a small frontier town where she serves as sheriff. Jo (Josephina) Hardin and her sisters share the position as the sheriff of Waterhole, Texas. When Jo begins to fall in love with Tom Boyd who owns the trading post, she believes that Tom is not interested in her because he wants a real lady to love and not a gun-toting sheriff. As for Tom, he is in love with Jo, but he doesn’t think a decent woman should have to live in Waterhole. They can’t seem to come together but when they are faced with a dangerous situation, will they be able to over come their beliefs and find love?

Dan’s Story
Being one of four sister sheriffs in the small town of Waterhole, Texas is satisfying until Pastor Joshua Plain, the traveling preacher, comes to town, Bible in hand, and God on his mind.
Not looking for a husband, Dan is surprised to find herself drawn to the sandy-haired, blue eyed man of God. Joshua works his way into her heart and Dan finds herself thinking about him, night and day. Her beliefs and a sudden, unexpected choice may put an end to the budding romance, but God has other plans and begins the dance of courtship.

Rob’s Story
Sheriff Rob Hardin has a tough job. With her three sisters no longer acting as sheriff along with her, her brother-in-law insists the town hire a deputy. Rob agrees, but reluctantly. Leslie should be a huge help, and it brings her some comfort to know another female will be sharing her living quarters.

Leslie arrives in Waterhole, but is nothing like Rob expected. Nothing at all! What will happen between the two? Only God can take an unexpected situation and turn it into something neither Rob nor Leslie ever dreamed.

Sheriff Bride Christmas
Always quick on the draw and first to a fight, Gerard’s world was turned upside down the day a slip of a girl sheriff shot his gun hand and showed him forgiveness in Christ. But time doesn’t always heal all wounds. This Christmas, outlaws seeking revenge against the sheriff sisters offer him a deal: the ranch of his dreams and revenge for the life of his sweetheart. Gerard has a choice to make. Will he take the deal and kidnap the Sheriffs’ children to protect his girl, or risk it all to be their inside man?