Harvey House Bride

Harvey House Bride front print Sheila didn’t want to live in Slaton, Texas where she was too old to attend school, but hungry for reading. But when she discovers the new Harvey House is hiring she accepts the job to help her family to get out of the tent they’ve been living in for two years.

Although, the work of a Harvey House Waitress is hard and time consuming, Sheila finds time to visit the local Railroad Reading Room where she meets Dale Daughtery; a man who inspires her and helps her.

The Harvey House rule is that no waitress may get married before her one-year contract is ended. Will Dale even want to marry her, and will she decide to leave him and risk losing her wonderful job?


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A Christmas Masquerade

Deanna and Ryan are working together to care for an ill child,

but they come from two different worlds.

Will a Christmas Masquerade be able to bring them together?

Written in the style of Grace Livingston Hill…..


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Spectacles of Love

Spectacles of Love front print (1)

Charlene Trumbel is a 29 year old spinster from a wealthy New York family.

She wants to travel on the Orphan Train to gather information to write an article

to persuade wealthy families to support the Orphan Train. Her only problem is

she can’t see very well.

On the train, she meets Bronson, who is interested in learning more about the

Orphan Train Process. However, he can’t understand why Charlene doesn’t wear

spectacles to help her see.

When he forces her to get spectacles, will she see true love?


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Beauty and the Beast (Love Everlasting)

When scar faced, Griffin catches an old miner stealing from his store, he insists the man work off the debt. However, when the man gets too sick to work, Griffin sends for Izzy, whom Griffin thinks is the old man’s wife. When the girl turns out to be the man’s beautiful and kind daughter, Griffin finds himself torn between continuing to wear the façade of a beast, or lowering his defenses and allowing Izzy’s beauty to soften his soul.

Can this beauty and this beast find love?

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Can’t Help Falling In Love


When Desiree decides to move home, to Fredericksburg, Texas and open an art studio, she finds herself strangely satisfied helping save the lovely Blue Bonnet Inn from closing. She also finds herself attracted to the handsome new owner and part time Elvis impersonator.

When Holt is left his Gran’s Blue Bonnet Inn bed and breakfast, he fears he must close it down, until he meets Desiree, who offers to help save the failing business. Working together, Holt soon finds himself attracted to the blue bonnet artist… and can’t keep himself from singing the famous Elvis song, ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love…’



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Cocoa Courtship

teresa-cocoa-courtship   Tricia has been living in the town of Harbor Inn, Maine for less than a year, ever since she discovered her boyfriend was seeing another woman, but she has given up on dating anyone. That is, until Gathe Denver, moves back to town and says that he wants to court her. Is courting any different than dating? Can she trust this man with her heart? As Tricia and Gathe participate in all twelve Christmas Cocoa traditions and events around town, will she be able to trust Gathe and find true and lasting love?

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